November 08, 2020

Things I don't love

Ohhhhhh it never times out that I get to link up with my bloggy bff, Melissa for her usually weekly Things I DON'T love Thursday link up and today is no different.... I'm a day late.


I'm so over them. I see them all over facebook and they're really just starting to drive me crazy. It's like everyone jumped on the bitstrip train all at once.


This one should be obvious if you read yesterday's post. I'm so over it. I just can't get rid of this dreaded cough.


OH MY GOSH! I feel like we're never ahead. The minute things start to look better, the holiday season is upon us and I stress all over again. It's not nearly as bad as it was last year with that tax mess but my goodness, I'm stressing (even though I've budgeted in like everything to the penny).

dirty glasses.

NOTHING DRIVES ME CRAZIER! Okay, lots of things drive me crazier, but smudges on my glasses or little random flakes of who knows what that usually land there right after I just cleaned them.... SO annoying.

cleaning the kids' rooms.

Since we postponed Maddie's birthday/sleepover to this weekend from last, I spent the other day up in her room trying to organize it. She has so many little toys that need to stay together or they're pointless and those drive me nuts. Why is it so hard for children to keep their stuff organized?!

So tell me, what are you not loving this week?
Be sure to link up with Melissa or at least hop over & see what she's not loving this week.


  1. Jayla has all of those toys that have tons of tiny pieces to go with them. I keep the tiny pieces in those plastic pencil boxes.

  2. Can I just add Facebook to your list? I am totally entering a love/hate stage with the Facebook. :-/

  3. I saw bitstrips and immediately scrolled down to comment. I liked the first one I saw, then the next morning there were 500 in my fb feed and I instantly hated them!! I blocked the fb app but sadly all the mobile ones still show up.

  4. Ugh- the bitstrips! I saw like one person post one, I kind of smirked, and then they were all over the place. Most of them don't make sense to me & aren't funny either. And why do we need to post 20 a day for every situation? Just stop, please.
    Finances- yuck...I don't even wanna think about finances. I hate money! Especially right now.
    And the room organization- I want to just collect all of the little toys & throw them away. They are always everywhere and I step on them (and often break them). It drives me crazy when I go in the room and the floor is covered with 5000 random little pieces!

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  5. Bitstrips... I hate... I completely agree! Financnes, although I talk about it a lot on my blog and we're debt free, I feel like we're never ahead either. We're saving all of this money being out of debt and in a cheaper apartment yet, the money is never being saved??? Where is it all going?!?! hahaha.

  6. My glasses right now are THE WORST. I swear they're filthy about .6 seconds after I wash them. It's so annoying.

    I think I've seen maybe 3 Bitstrips that were actually funny. The rest are just eye-rollers...

  7. I can't stand those Bitstrips! I'm so over seeing them clog my newsfeed!

    I still don't understand how my glasses get so dirty when they're almost always on my face! So annoying!

  8. Ugh Bitstrips make me so angry. They need to stop.

  9. I hate bitstrips! They were kinda funny at first, but now they are TOTALLY annoying! I'm so excited Melissa started this back up! I've gotta go dig my list out that I had compiling!


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