August 07, 2020


I have a first grader.
He's quite possibly the cutest first grader in the whole world.
Don't try to argue with me about that.

He says he likes first grade.
He says all he did on his first day was, "color and write my ABC's".

I'm the most scattered brained mother in the world.
We ran late thanks to parking.
Once we got to Starbucks (across the street) where David saved me a spot to park (by using his motorcycle to park there then moved it for me), David sat with Owen & Maddie while I ran Fin across the street. We pushed through people, got to his classroom where his teacher had to find me a marker to write Fin's name on his lunchbox AND backpack because well, I'm a wonderfully thoughtful parent like that. Oops.

Also, that picture is nothing fancy.  It's a mirror that I had and had painted yellow a while back only I flipped the mirror around.  The black part is literally the back of the mirror and then I added the text in picmonkey.  You're welcome for that handy tip. 


Tawnys Tid Bits said...

He is a pretty cute 1st grader, I have to agree! :) My niece just started pre-k today!

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

He is SO cute and I love his little sign. "They build stuff!"

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Chelsea said...

And now I'm crying! He's sooo big! They grow way too fast... seriously!

Melanie @ Mailbox Journey said...

Aw, so cute!


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