November 15, 2020

Maddie turns 5.

We had Maddie's 5th birthday party this past weekend. We kept it small, really small and let three of her little friends spend the night.
The girls went home saying that it was the best birthday party ever and that I had the best goodie bags. Go me.

We made friendship bracelets, painted their nails, ate lots of pizza and popcorn, watched movies half the night, wore face masks and decorated their goodie bags.
I'm pretty much awesome at this girl mom birthday party thing. ;)
But nobody (ahem, mom) warned me how LOUD and HYPER little girls were! Oh my gosh!

I'm so sad that we had to postpone her party because of that whole stupid pneumonia thing but she enjoyed every minute of it. I can't believe she's FIVE!! Time really does fly.


  1. She is such a cutie! Happy Birthday Maddie!

  2. Happy Birthday Maddie! You're SUCH a good mom, Amber!!!

  3. I would have loved that party as a little girl! I was all about parties where I got to make stuff and go home with pretty nails.
    And living next door to a young teenage girl I can assure you that they don't get any quieter as they get older. The hyper screaming was driving me nuts!
    But it looks like Maddie had a great birthday. :)

  4. SO sweet! It looks like she had a blast!


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