November 14, 2020

Things I don't love.

Today I'm linking up again with my BFF Melissa for her Things I Don't Love, Thursday.
You should link up too! Or at least head over and read her rant list as well

This week's list of non loves:

I seriously can not kick this pneumonia cough.  I'm losing my mind over here. It's so frustrating trying to talk to someone and then having to pause to cough your head off only for them to look at you like you're some diseased person. 

I've had so many typos lately and thank God for that little red underline thing that tells me it's wrong or my brain just wouldn't catch it.  My poor brain needs me to take a vacation.  There's just been way too much going on lately.

Doctor appointments.
I took Maddie in for a checkup yesterday after our ER trip that I realize I haven't really told you guys about but that's not the point.  The Dr didn't listen to me, told me I was wrong in a nice way, didn't give me the chance to explain anything and just sent us on our way.  Didn't even check Maddie's area of concern that sent us to the ER originally.

Flaky people.
This is probably my biggest one this week.  I hate when people say, "yeah, we'll be there! Can't wait" and then never freakin' show.  Why lie to me like that?! Why not just say, "maybe" or "no". But then I see you posting pictures or being tagged in crap on Facebook that shows me you were at a bonfire with your family or having friends over for one?! Yup- RUDE!
And the worst part, you let down my kids! It's one thing to bail on me, but you bailed on my kids who were super excited that you guys were coming.
See if I invite you over for stuff anymore. Psht.

You guys, I'm grumpy today and typing up this post just hasn't helped. It's been the longest week (really like 2/3 weeks) and I'm stressed out and exhausted and sore all over and can't get rid of this cough and I have a toothache and sickly kids and a messy house that I'm too tired to clean and *sigh*.

That's my rant this week.
Send me good/happy thoughts and head over to Melissa's blog to read her rants this week. 


  1. ughhh...doctors like that can be so annoying!

  2. Doctors appointments and flaky people... no me gusta either.

  3. I can't STAND it when doctors don't they've already diagnosed you in their head before you even walk in the door. Like I have yet to find a doctor who believes me that my migraines/chronic headaches are because my mom had them and her dad had them and it's freaking hereditary, not because I have a brain tumor or I shouldn't dairy (I don't anyway!) or perhaps I'm just too stressed out. ANNOYING.

    I hope you feel better SOON!! (Today would be good. Yep.)

  4. Haha!! Flaky people! Get em! Pisses me off to no extent!

  5. If you say you're going to be somewhere, show up! If you can't, call or text, even if it's last minute. I can't stand people who just bail & don't tell you at ALL. So rude. And then you can't just upload pics to FB. Cover your tracks better! I'd be totally annoyed too.

    Hope you feel better soon- that cough can linger for a LONG time :(

  6. Flakey people are the worst! It's not like they don't have an option to say no, but don't have others count on you and then you don't show. Rudeness for sure!

    Feel better soon!


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