August 10, 2020

Reminiscing is a funny thing.

Once upon a time David was stationed in Colorado.
Fort Carson, Colorado to be exact.

He and his first wife (yup, I said first wife. I'm sure long time readers know this but new ones probably didn't til now.  Maybe one of these days I'll go into THAT story but that day is not today) lived in Colorado Springs and after that went sour, he moved in with some friends of his that also lived in the area.
Moving in with them though required storing all of his stuff and going through all of the stuff that his ex didn't completely trash want. It was crazy, dramatic, emotional, exhausting, etc etc.  So naturally, I went with him to do all of this mess.  Except I didn't do much except ask him if he was okay.  He was, he's tough.  Plus she was slightly crazy.  I assume she's less crazy now, we can only hope anyway.

Anyway, here's some pictures from my time out there.

Me, David, Bridgette and Shane at the airport the day I was flying home.
They (Bridgette and Shane I mean) had a kid together and then later divorced.
I also remember him stalling out his car a LOT while we were there.  It was a new car and he didn't know how to drive a stick shift.  I was pretty scared for my life to be riding with him.
He remarried someone else and had two kids with her.
His kids are named: Harmony, Lyrik and Rhythm.
I couldn't make this up if I tried!
He also wrote and published a book and sells it on Amazon.

Isn't he cute?! He looks like a baby here. Gosh this seems like so long ago.

This was David as "Captain Confederacy". He was hungover. We were young.

This post really has no point except for me sort of reminiscing.  I found old photos on David's Facebook and laughed about them and wanted to share them with you guys.

So moral of the story, if you're ever looking in Colorado Springs for storage units, we can help you out.... and well.... don't live with friends.  It usually ends up not so pretty.  Oh and if the girl you've had a thing for since y'all were kids tells you not to marry some girl, just listen to her.  She's probably right.

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