November 19, 2020

Cupcake sandwiches.

I know you guys have probably seen that thing where you take a cupcake and cut it in half and then place the bottom on the top so that you get frosting with every bite, right?!

Well I'm going to show you an easier way...

Cupcake Sandwiches.

You just make the cupcakes, let them cool, cut them in half, frost the middle and then replace the top.
I made these not long ago and they were a huge hit.

Easy peasy lemon squeezey.


  1. This is such a great idea, I bet this would be a great way for kids to eat cupcakes!

  2. Oh these look good! Send one my way!

  3. That's so fun!!! And so much less messy to eat!

  4. I love this! And I love that with this way you could alternate frosting flavors if you wanted to.


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