April 22, 2020

Lions and tigers and picnics, OH MY!

Weekend recap:

Thursday morning David and I took Maddie and Owen to a Safari Zoo hosted here on post as part of a celebration for military child month.

This little goat escaped through the bars, just walked right out. David caught him and put him back through. Silly little thing.

This tiger seriously creeped me out. There was two fences between us. THAT WAS IT! I could've reached through and touched him and he just kept pacing back and forth and back and forth. We didn't stay near him too long.

Thursday afternoon David headed out for a long weekend at his Aunt's house in Alabama.
Thursday night we went to a picnic at Fin's school. hotdogs, chips and cookies. YUM! (sarcasm) but the kids had fun and that's what matters!

Friday Fin had school, ended up picking him up around 10am due to a tummy ache.
The rest of the day was day was just movie watching & lying around the house.
Friday night was supposed to be a movie under the stars but the weather said otherwise.

Saturday was for cleaning. I swept, steam mopped, yelled at the dog for peeing on my freshly clean floor. (Bo. Not Lucy. He's in this marking his territory stage that makes my head want to explode).
I vacuumed (twice), did two loads of laundry and two loads of dishes. (I'd been slacking)
Then after the kids went to bed, I shampooed the carpets. (much needed after the crazy storm we had the other day. Muddy backyard + light tan carpet = Grr)

Owen had learned how to say "cheese" and do that smile.

Sunday, David made his way home in time for dinner. The kids and I tidied up the house and spent the early afternoon reading books while Owen napped.

Hope you guys had a great weekend too!

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Ashley said...

That picture of Maddie on the pony...she looks so grown up!! Not that little toddler like I remember! Looks like you guys are having a blast in the warmer weather. I'm jealous!

Dara said...

the safari zoo looks cool - I love stuff like that!

Micah Cain said...

the tiger would of scared the shit outta me!!! Such a cool thing though that they do for the kids :)

Micah Cain said...

poop ive been trying to change that whole no reply thing!!! stupid google plus or blogger whatever the hell I have lol

im glad the tiger didn't eat you guys!! haha

Jennie said...

How fun, i love going to the zoo

Jessica Eustace said...

Maddie is growing up! She doesn't have any of the baby look anymore. She is so cute!

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