April 04, 2020

What's in my bag?

I've been meaning to do one of these for the LONGEST time so when Carly announced that she was about to host a link up with Lauren, I was super excited! (And thankful that she let me know).
So I finally sat down, took some pictures and called it a day!

1. Forever21 bag with girlie products. 2. Sunglasses from Target. 3. E.C. Planner and grocery list on top from last grocery shopping trip. 4. Keys. 5. Wallet that Fin bought me for Christmas. 6. EOS chapstick and hairclip. 7. Random receipt. 8. Sephora bag full of random essentials.

Sephora bag's randomness. (Maddie rubber band, hair clip, eye drops, triple antibiotic cream, deodorant, mirror, hand sanitizer, band-aids, tweezers. This is my mini mom bag!

 photo IMG_9210_zpse3242fdb.jpg
(These last two pictures are from when I bought the purse a while back-T.J. Maxx)

Not pictured in my bag because it goes in in the morning before we go on our little adventures:
Little green pouches (two: one for Maddie, one for Owen)
A granola bar for me, usually more receipts, usually trash such as starbucks straw wrappers or cookie wrappers.
Can be found here


wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

Awe! you are one organized mommy! Way to go! Mine is pretty empty, because I switched over purses just this morning. :)

Stephanie + Walter said...

Cuteee purse. I need to organize mine!

Lauren said...

Thank you for linking up with us!! I love your EC planner! I can't live without mine!

Amy @ At the Pink of Perfection said...

Love the bright color of the purse and your adorable little model! She's pulling off the 'mannequin' well!

Following from the purse link-up!

Janna Renee said...

I have been slacking on blog commenting, but just wanted to show some love and say HIIIII!!! I seriously LOVE the blog design! I couldn't see it on bloglovin'.

krystaladele @ unSAHM said...

She is such a mini you!! Cuteness

Natalie Hinkley said...

I love the color of your bag!! It seems like tons of people are fans of the EC Planners, I think I need to get me one!!

Katie said...

that polka dot bag is so cute! and I really want one of those planners!

Chelsea said...

love that polka dot makeup bag SO much. and that pic of your little girl with the purse is so funny ahha it's the size of her! love it

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