June 28, 2020

Life Update (long & rambly)

Do you guys have a fun filled weekend planned out?!
I do!!
You'll have to check back Monday to hear about it though.

Other than that little bit of excitement, (trust me, it's nothing major).

In other news: We finally got somewhere with the IRS. (read about the mess here) We are getting the FULL amount back!
We were a bit worried we'd get less back since we filed the injured spouse form and they basically told us that it'd be like David filing without me. But seeing as how I haven't worked in 6 years, they took David's money so we're getting it all back.
I'm not exactly sure the details but I sure all the details and I know that we still have a long way to go to clean up all the stuff on my credit report that isn't from me and clear my name so that this mess doesn't happen again in the future but for now, I am relieved.  I am thankful. 

I feel a bit silly being so excited to get OUR money back- it's not like a random little surprise, it's OURS and they took it wrongfully. Either way though, I feel relieved.  We've decided to pay off what we can and then take the remainder and split it between the two of us.

David's already planned to spend just about every cent of his 1/2 on motorcycle parts.

I plan to just spend mine randomly.  I'm gonna get the kids some new school clothes, get a new camera lens since mine was dropped or has sand in it or something but it doesn't auto focus like it's supposed to and drives me crazy.  I'm going to get myself some new clothes, probably mostly shoes and accessories since I'm on this whole fit/lose weight/get MY body back kick, but I still need a few random articles of clothing to just spruce up my NOW wardrobe. And then I'll pick up a few odd & end things for David's wardrobe as well.
Oh and I'm going to preChristmas/birthday shop!! YES! Genius, huh?!
And then honestly, I'm just going to save it for all those little things that come up-- like giveaways, blogs I want to sponsor, when Fin's school sends home "buy a t-shirt" slips, when I just do NOT want to cook dinner, etc etc.

I wonder how many of you had some thought about David being selfish?
I don't think he is at all.
We decided to split whatever was leftover down the middle.
I'm choosing how to spend my share, he's choosing how to spend his.
It doesn't bother me that he's spending it on motorcycle parts.

Honestly, the only thing I really want out of that list above is a new camera lens.
I'm cheap though. I just can't spend a lot of money on myself. I don't know how.

Curious though, tell me what YOU would do if you got a decent chunk of change to just spend on yourself?!

Anyway, this weeks good deed:

Sooooo Thursday, David and I were out and about with the kiddos and decided to stop at Starbucks and it was the one on main post, not my local normal one where when David goes in to get my drink, they remind David that I don't like whipped cream on my drinks.

That should've been my first sign.
Second should have been that it was a newish girl. Aside from the fact that I'd only seen her once before (she messed up my drink order then), just the questions she was asking made me think she was newish.

Sooooo I ordered my $4.95 large mocha cookie crumble.
And I ordered 3 little vanilla bean scones. (3 for $2.45-thus saith the sign in front of them).
Now correct me if I'm wrong but my total should NOT have been $11.70.
Barely 5 plus Barely 3 equals barely 8. I get that that would include taxes but the $9.50 that I walked in there with should've been more than enough to cover it.
When she cashed it out, the receipt printed and I saw she'd rang me up for THREE blueberry somethings equaling $6 and some change. I point it out to her and she tells me that that's not my receipt.
I should not have looked like a fool paying with half cash and telling her I was going to pay the $2.20 with my card. I shouldn't have gotten evil looks for holding up the long line behind me.
So when she messed up and cancelled the order and they needed a manager, I kept my cool, grabbed my drink and stood around waiting.
The second lady in there asked me if I planned on shopping for a while, I responded with, "yeah. for a few minutes" and she asked me if I'd just stop back by.
I agree, go and find David.
I tell him all about it, he tells me that the drink I ordered is more than that and I explain to him that yes with the extra shot it it, but no it's not! I know how much it was! I paid attention before ordering so that I didn't go over my $9.50 cash.
So after being frustrated with the whole mess, he takes the kids to the car while I stand in the line to pay for my $2.20 that I was wrongfully charged.
I tell him that going back to pay for it WAS actually a good deed. He thought I was crazy but I could've just walked out without going back and not paid for it.
I'm not going to do that though, I waited patiently in line.
The second lady that told me to come back was shocked to see me and went & tracked down a manager.
The manager had her re-ring up my order where she did the same thing with the blueberry things, I said "I ordered three of the bean scones. 3 for $2.45" (and I swear to you, I have the nicest tone in all of this. I wasn't mad or grumpy at all.
So after ringing up my CORRECT order, my total came to under $9.50 and they actually owed me money.
It was insane.  All of it was nuts.
But point of the matter, I remained super friendly during it all even when they were less than friendly all because I went back in there to try to pay for the remaining $2.20 that she said I owed.


Okay, ramble over.
What good deeds have you done this week?! Were you kind even when strangers weren't?
Do you get made when people mess up your order?


Kristin said...

I'm so glad you're getting YOUR money back! We're getting my retirement money from Alaska and we're going to pay off our house and put the rest on the new truck. But we're pretty boring lol.
It depends on my mood when the person messes up my order. If they put whipped cream on my drinks, I usually ask them to take it off though.

Rachel Silski said...

I am glad your getting the full amount back! That is very stressful to go through!

Another Clean Slate said...

I definitely would need to put mine towards paying off credit card debt- boo!

Holly McDonald said...

Oh I am glad that you are getting your money back! I had to laugh my first thought with your money split was that it was not fair that the kid's clothes and supplies was coming out of your half. You two should really split it more like 15% on kids stuff first, then you two can split the rest.

Although that could be coming from the fact that I was just giving my hubs a lecture about his hobby costing us 5 times more than mine and how he needs to think more about the over all picture! =)

As long as it works for you two, that is all that matters!

Lauren Loeffel said...

So happy about ya'lls money! I know how stressful that can be. And you know what, who cares what someone thinks of David and his spending? You both decided to split it, and therefore, make your own choices. I'm like you though...I can't spend gobs of money on myself. I feel SO guilty. I have to buy the kids something, too.
And good for you for holding your temper:) I know how hard that can be, too haha!

Raising Reagan said...

Being super friendly is always a good deed, even if it's not warranted. A good lesson to learn from you my dear!
And No ... hubby is not selfish! Congrats on getting YOUR money back :) LOL

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Tawnys Tid Bits said...

Shew... I felt like I was reading the whole Starbucks thing in one breath! LOL! $2.20 can add up! LOL!
And what I would spend my half on... I'd hate to say this... but I'd probably pay some bills. Crazy, I know! But in the long run, it would allow me to buy stuff for myself in the future.
And your lens, poor thing, nothing sucks worse when your camera isn't working right and/or won't focus!

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